Certified Quality

Responsible Care

Added success means added responsibility. For us, product quality also involves environmental quality.

We recognize that our leading position in the marketplace carries with it a high level of responsibility for conserving the environment. When developing innovations and planning production and sales processes, we take ecological concerns into consideration from the outset. We comply with the Responsible Care initiative of the Chemical Industry Association. 
Our activities adhere to the principle of sustainable development, which for us involves designing our products and business methods in ways consistent with the responsibility we carry for generations to come – that means we respect the natural limits of the environment without sacrificing essential needs and comforts. 
Absorbent polymers fulfill both requirements of ”sustainable development”. They help reduce packaging and waste. And their use in hygiene articles contributes to consumers’ health and the quality of their lives.

In order to make a detailed evaluation of the ecological effects of our absorbent polymers possible, we have conducted a "life cycle analysis" that provides much important information about the entire "life span" of our products. Of course, the safety of our absorbent polymers is our number one priority. 
We comply with legal safety requirements and we exceed them. We have set high safety standards for our products and laid them down in our Code of Practice that we adhere to from the moment we begin to develop a new product. All raw materials are subject to strict safety evaluations, and new products are subsequently evaluated using alternative toxicological tests.

Our production plants in Krefeld, Rheinmünster and Marl (Germany), Greensboro and Garyville (USA), have been certified according to the international quality and environmental standards contained in DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001.