Superabsorbents by Evonik

It's you. Dry and snug - all day, all night.

Modern baby diapers have qualities that seem like magic. But the powder that keeps a baby's bottom dry doesn't come from an iron cauldron. They are produced in our laboratories.

Diapers should be capable of absorbing liquid. Layers of cellulose fibers did the job in the days before the advent of superabsorbent polymers. But that old method had a major disadvantage: once under pressure, the fluid that was held inside was able to seep through to the diaper's surface. That's why absorbent polymers were invented.

They are crosslinked polymers that form a gel when they absorb fluid. They provide a major benefit: they trap liquids and won't release them, even under extreme pressure.

Most of the superabsorbent polymers produced worldwide are used to manufacture modern baby diapers – and as one of the leading global supplier of these remarkable polymers, we are the undisputed experts in the field.