Superabsorbents by Evonik

Dedicated to superabsorbents

For more than three decades, Evonik is dedicated to the manufacture of superabsorbent polymers – and with great success. The fact that today’s diapers have become much smaller and thinner – from more than 100 grams in the 1980s to only 45 grams today – is one of the achievements that have resulted from the progress we have made in the development of superabsorbents.

So effective, it’s like magic

Just a few grams of superabsorbents are sufficient to store a baby’s urine, making it “disappear.” They can absorb up to 500 times their own weight in liquid, forming a gel that traps the liquid and won’t release it, even under pressure. Our products are also used in adult incontinence and feminine hygiene products. In Europe, we manufacture superabsorbents primarily at our factory in Krefeld. 
Other production facilities include Rheinmünster (for superabsorbents) and Marl (acrylic acid). We also have production plants in the USA, in Greensboro, NC and Garyville, LA (superabsorbents) and a joint venture site in Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia (superabsorbents). In addition, we maintain laboratories for research, development and application technology in Krefeld (Germany) and Greensboro (USA). 

Close cooperation with customers 

The safety of our superabsorbents to our top priority. All raw materials and products are subjected to strict quality inspections. We also collaborate closely with our global and regional customers to development new technologies. This enables us to create unique products that fulfill the wishes and requirements of our customers.